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Everfresh farm is targeting a minimum of 20% Growth by empowering people with smart herd management skills, and through sustaining a God fearing culture of outstanding Ethics and Hard work.


The Hadith :

The Best of Mankind are those who benefit Mankind

Ever Fresh Farms : Who We Are

Everfresh is among those few players who have taken the lead initiative introduce coperate diary farming on professional lines in Pakistan. We at Ever Fresh Farms are trying to follow international benchmark to produce high quality fresh milk for consumers and this is reflected from consistently acheiving TPC< 100,000. The cows are milked three times a day using the milk parlor from GEA WESTFALIA Surge Germany.

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Why We Are Different

01. Quality
Good quality milk has a bland but characteristic flavor with a pleasant mouth feel, determined by its physical nature, i.e., an emulsion of fat globules in a colloidal aqueous solution, and a slightly salty and sweet taste, due to the presence of salts and lactose
02. Integrity
The Farm team is committed to bringing you accurate, trustworthy, and unbiased health information. Each piece of content is developed by our in-house editorial team in partnership with expert writers, medical reviewers, and fact checkers. We appreciate your curiosity about our editorial process and are proud to share our rigorous standards with you.
03. Innovation
Dairy farming innovations’ implementation at every farmer’s farm is the present day need; during the era of scarce natural resources coupled with population explosion, putting obvious pressure for more food production. Milk, produced from every single farm at micro level, is contributing to global economy at macro level
04. Safety
Dairy farmers strive every day to produce wholesome milk fro your family . Its guidelines are some of the strictest in the industrialized world. Farmers, processors and government agencies all work together to ensure the milk you drink is safe and of the highest quality.

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